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16 July، 2021

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Update: you can visit our print size calculator to automatically determine the best printing size for your images.

You can calculate the maximum size you can print your image on using the calculator below. Please know that below given sizes are approximates and we will review your image before confirming your order.

Also, below given sizes are “approximately” the largest size you can print your image at. If you are not sure about the pixel dimensions of your image, scroll to the middle of the page.  If your image is too small, scroll to the bottom of the page to know more about the common mistake that might be the cause behind the small size of your image.

How to know the pixel dimensions of your image?

Upload your image to your PC (Email it to yourself or copy it directly to your PC. Do not send it using WhatsApp or any other social media apps). Then; Right click on the image >>> Properties >>> Details >>> Scroll down to see width and height in pixels.

Common mistakes behind the small size of an image

Please note that image size is limited by the camera pixel size. You can’t take a photo with a 2 megapixels camera and scale it up to 12 megapixels. However, iPhone 6 and up, for example, have 12 megapixels cameras. If you take a photo with an iPhone camera and it turns out to be 1.5 megapixels or something, this could be due to one of the common mistakes listed below.

The small size of an image might be due to one of these common mistakes that can easily be avoided:Taking a picture with Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp or any other smartphone app other than the original camera app will result in a small image that will not be suitable to be printed at any reasonable size. This is because these apps compress images to save data and improve upload / download speeds.

Downloading an image from WhatsApp or any other social media app. Again, those images are pre-compressed to allow for faster loading times and less data consumption.

Images that have been edited using a smartphone image processing app. Smartphones do not have that powerful processing power and a lot of apps resort to compressing images before editing them.

Screenshots are not images that are suitable for printing.

If your image is small, make sure you are looking at the original image and not a version of it that has been taken by a screenshot, or have been received by any social media app. If that is the case, try to contact the person who sent you the image and ask them to Email the original image to you.


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