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Bari Gallery is a group that’s passionate about art & photography, wanting everyone to experience the sublime beauty of both.

As are art enthusiasts, we believe that art is an essential part of everyone’s life that shall not be ignored and castaway. In our picture, imagination and photography reflect upon most wonderful feelings and moments in our lives. Acknowledging it, we have set it as a goal to help you capture life’s beauty in order to express tangible fine art for your space to speak and the world to see.

Who amongst us hasn’t captured a memorable moment absent of its missing frame? Or stumbled upon a treasured painting worth a million words? Why let creativity rust in the dusty digital world when we can bring it to life? Why burry art in the binary black hole when we can feel it on the rough, yet, delicate canvas textures?

Our possession of the tremors of nostalgia helped us answer the puzzlement that follows found art. Bari Gallery is, in our belief, the mean to our mutual expression.